Wednesday, August 03, 2005

WIP Revealed (Early!)

Since nearly everyone correctly guessed this week's WIP, I've decided to reveal it early. It is, indeed, the next sock in the Six Sox Knitalong. The pattern is called "Amble" and it was designed by KAL member, Alison Clayton, based on traditional gansey patterns. If you go to the KAL page you can see a photo of the completed sock. I've only finished one repeat of the 16-round pattern:

Someone on the Six Sox list was asking what the twisted stitches look like. Here's a close-up (if you click on the photo a new window opens up with an extremely huge, detailed photo). Hopefully I've done them correctly.

It's a wonderful pattern and the finished sock is beautiful. But, I haven't worked on it much because something else is consuming my free time.

Yup, I bought a spinning wheel. This is my first bobbin of singles. Tell me the truth; thumbs up or down.

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