Friday, September 02, 2005

First Drawing and This Just In!

Margene and I have held the first "Give a Little" drawing and the winner is:


Congrats, Lolly. You've won an amazing knitter's purse, hand-made and donated by Amy. If you go to the Give a Little page, you can see a photo of this great bag.

And, I just got news that Teresa (of One More Row and Another Latte fame) has donated her Roscalie vest to the Give a Little cause. Feast your eyes on this:

Teresa knit this vest herself and has provided the following sizing information:
50 inches round - across the waist - and 27 inches long

If we can't figure out how to auction it off (with all proceeds going to the Red Cross) it will be added to the prize kitty. But it looks like the auction idea is coming together.

So, are you motivated to donate now or what!! Let's see that total rise even more over the holiday weekend!

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