Sunday, September 18, 2005

New Patterns!!

Two of my new patterns are now available for your knitting pleasure!

The first is the felted bag pattern I blogged about a while ago:

I've called it "Rick Rack" and you can buy it from Mary Moran at The Knitting Zone by clicking here. Mary is a wonderful enabler and she also carries my Nantasket Basket pattern and my Picasso Socks pattern. Email me if you have any questions about ordering it from Mary or if you want to order more than one copy.

The second pattern is one for fingerless mittens knit on two needles:

It can be purchased from Knit Picks by clicking here. Although I typically eschew patterns that require unnecessary seaming, I figured those of you who hate knitting with double-points or two circulars could use a cute fingerless mitten pattern knit at a nice, small gauge. If you want to knit these mittens on double-points instead, just omit the selvage stitches. I've made quite a few pairs of these already and the giftees have just loved them. We took turns trying these on at Stitch 'N Bitch one night and they fit everyone.

WIP of the Week

There's a WIP this week:

Anyone have a guess as to what it is?

Oh, and come back in a day or two. I just might have an FO to show you!

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