Friday, September 09, 2005

WIP Revealed

My WIP of the Week was a Lilies-of-the-Valley shoulder scarf/small shawl knit from a pattern that appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of Spin Off magazine.

I eliminated the lace edging for two primary reasons: (1) lack of time and (2) it's sewn on, not knitted on, and that seemed too fiddly for me. Instead, when I blocked the finished scarf, I pinned it out to create a picot edge. I'm really pleased with the way it looks.

I also worked the bobbles or "nupps" in a slightly different way. And, since it appears that at least one knitter whose indentity was uncovered by a quick Google search, believes that nupps are "Satan's contribution to knitting," I'll share with you my pain-free way to work them. The bobbles are created by knitting into the front and back of each stitch several times. In this case, it is five times which creates 5 stitches from one stitch. You are instructed to purl the five stitches together on the next row. IMHO, it is far easier to just knit all five together immediately after you create the bobble and be done with it. So, I knit into the front and back of the stitch as instructed and then inserted the tip of the left needle through the front of the five stitches (which are now on the right needle) and knit them together. Done. Any questions?

This scarf is my contribution to the Give a Little prize kitty and it will be given away next Friday. So, if you want a chance to win it, get your donation information to us ASAP!

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