Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Woah; it didn't take you grrls long to figure out that I was in Chicago last week!

Once I learned that I'd be tagging along with DH (who was attending a conference), I contacted Michelle. Last year, I was Michelle's Secret Pal during round #2 of the Secret Pal swap. She turned out to be the hostess with the mostess! She picked me up (!) at my hotel on Thursday night and we made a quick detour to Nina, a cute yarn shop on Division Street in the Wicker Park area. Here's Michelle, clowning around in front of the shop. Notice her amazingly fabulous Hot Lava sweater which was hot off the needles:

After the frivolity and shopping (I restrained myself and only bought two small skeins of yarn; luggage space was limited), we headed over to Letizia's for KIP. There, I had the good fortune to meet a bevy of amazing Chicago knitters.

In the front, from left to right there's: Michelle, Rachel, Dana, and me
In the back, from left to right, it's: Corinne, Teresa, Lauren, and Bonne Marie

Dana was seaming a fabulous baby sweater she'd knit from Gems Merino Opal yarn (Yum!), but socks were clearly the project of choice. Teresa was working on the cuff of a pair from a gorgeous colorway of Socks That Rock; Bonne Marie was magic looping a pair; and Corinne was working on the foot of a sock she was knitting from a hand-dyed wool/hemp yarn while lamenting the hole that had just appeared in the heel of her favorite pair. Corinne, this link is for you. Darn away!

Thanks, Chicago knitters, for the warm welcome and the scintillating conversation!

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