Thursday, October 27, 2005

What I Knit -- What I Bought

Consistent with my Spartan packing ways, I brought only one small suitcase with me to Chicago so space for WIPs was limited. Several months ago I bought a single, 2oz skein of some luscious wool/mohair, hand-dyed yarn from a small LYS near my house. There really wasn't enough yardage to make much of anything, but it was the last skein she had and the colors, you might say, were right up my alley. So I balled up the hank and grabbed a set of Brittany Birch double-points and I was off. I decided the only thing I could really squeeze from 124 yards, was a scarf/cravat with some type of openwork pattern. So, I cast on and by Thursday evening I had this:

See why I fell in love with the color of the yarn:

I decided I loved the scarf so much, I cast on for a second with the same needles and a 25g ball of mohair I bought while I was in Italy. This one will be significantly longer but I'm nearly finished:

So, what did I buy??? I exercised enormous restraint and bought one skein of Lorna's Laces worsted weight and one teeny, tiny ball of Habu mohair/silk lace-weight.

But my best purchase in Chicago didn't involve yarn!

Yes, blasphemy, I know.

There was a rather large Borders near our hotel which proved to be a good place for the kids to decompress. While they listened to their favorite albums in the music department, I wandered over to the stationery section and found this:

A CIAK journal! You have no idea how long I've been looking for this! I was given one of these journals about a year ago by a friend who knows of my propensity to: (1) forget things easily and (2) lose all the little slips of paper on which I make notes to myself. I used my journal all the time, until it was filled up; I had to replace it with a Moleskine journal because I couldn't find another CIAK. I much prefer the CIAK to Moleskine, though, in part because I like the shape better and in part because the elastic band is just so damn cute. Anyway, I bought only one (limited luggage space, remember), foolishly thinking that if the Chicago Borders carried them, the one in Salt Lake City must also or they must be available through the Border's web site. Wrong!

So here's my appeal. Does anyone know where I can get another one (or two, or three) of these online? Or, perhaps, someone out there lives near a Borders that carries them and would like to swap for some sock yarn? Email me if you're interested in the swap or have any info. Thanks!

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