Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Four More!

Pat used my top-down pattern to knit her first-ever hat! It looks wonderful, Pat; the moss stitch pattern is perfect. But I'm dubious about your claim that this is your first hat!

And Peg sent me a photo of her hat last night:

She used the half-linen stitch that I suggested and a silk-blend yarn. Yum! Love it, Peg.

And, last but not least, Renee and Susan both sent links to the hats they made. They used the half-linen stitch, too. Susan's was knit from handspun so she was able to use up every last bit. That's the idea!

Scarf Of The Day

DD has requested that I knit scarves for her friends this holiday season. Here's the first:

I used this pattern that I picked up at Michaels when I was buying the yarn for my MIL's shrug.
Pattern modifications: I did not use the suggested yarn (which is LB Homespun--yuck!) and I cast on 100 stitches instead of the 110 recommended in the pattern. In hindsight, I think the scarf would have been plenty long if I'd only cast on 90.

What did I learn from this project? It takes a hell of a long time to cast off 800 stitches.


And, since I promised some spinning photos, I'll start with this and show you a hank of something else tomorrow.

It's spun from some Targhee roving I picked up at Three Wishes, the new spinning/weaving/yarn shop that opened in Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago. I'm not really a green person, but this colorway (called Emerald Isle) just screamed out at me since it's a little more teal than green. I spun 4.5 oz of roving into 490 yards of two-ply yarn. Not bad. I'd hoped to use it for socks, but I'm wondering if the Targhee is too soft. It feels almost like merino. Has anyone used Targhee yarn for socks? How do they wear?

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