Friday, November 25, 2005

In Which I Describe How To Finish The Hat

Ok, it's the home stretch. The sides of your hat should be completed and I bet you're anxiously awaiting the finishing instructions.

I used an I-cord bind off for my hat. It makes a firm, yet slightly stretchy edge. Plus, it looks so damn neat.

I was going to write out the instructions for the bind-off, but Ann's done all the work for me! So, click here for her wonderful, fantabulous slide show. But, before you start, I should add that I do the bind off a little different than Ann. I knit the first two stitches and then decrease by knitting the next two together through the back loop. I think it looks nicer. But try it both ways and see which you prefer.


If you want to add a cute corkscrew tassle at the top, they're easy to make. Just crochet a chain of any number of stitches then work two double crochets in each chain (starting with the third one from the hook) until you run out of chain stitches. If you don't crochet, you can accomplish the same thing by casting on any number of stitches and then increasing in each stitch by knitting into the front and back until you run out of stitches. Then bind off loosely.

If you made a hat this past week from my instructions, leave a link to your blog in the comments or email a photo to me.

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