Monday, November 07, 2005

Kool Aid Redux

So, are you sick of this topic yet?

After reading that my favorite Yankee knitter had difficulty reproducing the hand-painted effect I achieved with some Kool Aid last weekend, I decided to try it again myself. The result was complete and total failure. The two colors blended completely and I got a nice, but solid, purple color. I can only blame last week's success on the alignment of the stars or what I had for breakfast that day.

Since I'm not one to let a little disappointment hinder my ability to fritter away a perfectly wonderful Sunday morning, I pulled out 4 more packets of Kool Aid. This time, I placed the yarn in a shallow bath of water and heated the water until it was steaming, but not boiling. While it was heating, I mixed up one packet of Berry Blue Kool Aid and one packet of Black Cherry and set them aside. I poured the second packet of Berry Blue and the second packet of Black Cherry into separate salt shakers. When the yarn was hot, I poured the blue mixture onto the wet yarn, then the black cherry.
Ah, Kool Aid and yarn soup:

Before the colors had exhausted completely, I used the dry Kool Aid in the salt shakers to over-dye the colors, i.e., I sprinkled the Black Cherry on the areas that I had poured the Berry Blue and vice versa. Then I toned down all the colors by sprinking a tiny bit of Grape over the entire surface of the yarn. Don't be heavy handed with the Grape, it is seriously dark.

Here's how it looked in the skein:

And, knitted up:

Not bad.

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