Monday, November 28, 2005

More Hats (!) And a Scarf, Too

The photos keep rolling in. Yesterday, Cassandra sent me this one of the hat she knit from my top-down pattern.

Too cute! She used Colinette Skye yarn.
And check out the hats knit by Margene and Erin. I especially love the one Erin knit from her handspun.

After I finished an unexpected project for my MIL on Thursday, I had a little time over the holiday weekend to finish up some lingering projects; mostly scarves. So, I may have a scarf-a-day to show this week. But first, I finally have photos of the one I knit for Eliza as part of our Salt Lake Stitch 'n Bitch scarf swap.

I used the stitch pattern I blogged about a couple of weeks ago and added the crocheted corkscrew fringe to make it a little more interesting.

I gave it to Eliza last week and that was none too soon. It has been cooooooold here the last few days so I'm hoping she's getting some use out of it.

If you come back tomorrow, I'll regale you with some spinning. I just need to find time to take some photos.

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