Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Scarf Swap Seizure

I'm participating in a scarf swap with other members of the Salt Lake Stitch 'n Bitch group. You know the drill: the person with whom I am paired provides me with the yarn and I knit a scarf for her using an appropriate pattern. I got the yarn last night:

Fabulous, isn't it. It's from The dilema, however, is that it is bulky weight yarn; about 250 yards. Since I rarely knit with anything heavier than sport-weight, I don't have a cache of patterns to peruse for the perfect match to this yarn. I'm seized up with the thought of making the wrong decision and ruining Eliza's fabulous yarn.

I looked at Stacey's "My So Called Scarf" pattern but worry that it will create a bulky, inflexible fabric. Anyone have any experience with Stacey's pattern. Or can someone suggest a good scarf pattern to use with bulky weight, hand-painted yarn?

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