Thursday, November 03, 2005

You Got Questions, I Got Answers

Here are some of the recent questions I’ve received in my comments and in emails:

Beth asked:

"Is the yarn dyed with KoolAid colorfast?"

I've dyed with Kool Aid several times before and have had no trouble with the colors bleeding or fading. Just make sure you rinse the skeins well after they've cooled.

Carole wants to know:

"Do you have any recommendations for good Kool Aid colors to try?"

Most of the colors are a bit too bright and clown-like for my taste. But the black cherry is nice. I quite like the way my skeins came out using the black cherry mixed with the Berry Blue. If you don’t like the colors in the packets, try mixing a couple together and see what you get. Check Gwen’s blog to see what she got when she mixed lemonade and grape.

Several people asked about the red-orange scarf with the holes that I made while I was in Chicago. The pattern is from a Noro book and is called the Grinda scarf. I’ve added the link to the pattern book in the post. I should disclose, however, that I didn’t follow the pattern exactly as it’s written. I fudged it so I wouldn’t have to weave in a million yarn ends.

And, thanks to everyone who helped me in my quest for more CIAK journals. Collette in Chicago responded to my plea almost immediately and yesterday I received a cache of them from her. Thanks a million, Collette!! Chicago knitters rock!

And . . . just in case you thought I haven't been knitting:

Yes, it's a crappy photo. I'll try and post something more representative tomorrow.

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