Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I can see from the upswing in vistors to my site from Google searches such as "free knit hat pattern" and "one hour knit scarf" and, my personal favorite, "knit fast" that there are many of you scrambling to finish up some holiday knitting. Good luck.

I got a little prezzie in the mail yesterday from the incomparable Beth.

Move over bunny crack and make room for worm/goat crack:

Yes, it's a large ball of silk/cashmere roving in the most wonderful taupe color. Isn't it fabulous! Look at the sheen. Yummy! Even DS (a/k/a Teenage Rebel Without a Cause) had a hard time taking his hand out of the bag. I've never spun silk before, but I intend to read up on it before I dig into this ball. I don't care what you say, Beth, I'm not going to ruin a single fraction of an ounce of this stuff.

Beth also send an extremely large bag of "mystery fiber" that she deemed a white elephant gift. Oh contraire, Beth. You knew I'd have to spin up a bit of it, didn't you! And while I agree completely with Beth that it looks a bit like a skunk pelt or Cruela DeVille's hair in the bag:

It is absolutely wonderful spun up:

The beautiful chocolate brown mixed with the rich black is just spectacular. And the fiber itself is wonderful; no VM and very nice crimp.

Gloves? Socks? What do you think?

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