Thursday, December 22, 2005

Down to the Wire

Last night, I belatedly decided to knit a gift for a friend instead of buying one. I settled on a free felted bag pattern at Hello Yarn.
Eliza knit one up and brought it to Stitch 'n Bitch last week. It was adorable and I really think my friend will like it. I dug two skeins of Patons Wool Classic out of the stash and knit up the first skein.

The pattern says I'll need 200 yards of bulky weight yarn; I have 400 yards of worsted weight and I've doubled it up. You begin decreasing for the bottom when the sides are 16 inches tall. But I've used 200 yards just to knit 8 inches. So, I assume I'll run out of yarn. Drat. I'm not too concerned about finishing this tomorrow, since I won't see my friend until my Hanukkah party on Monday night, so I have plenty of time to purchase a third skein. But I doubt that I'll be able to match this dye lot since I bought this yarn several months ago. Then again, maybe a black or brown bottom would look nice.

Don't Miss This

If you're still packaging up presents, have you seen these cute holiday gift tags for hand-knit items? They're the perfect size for socks or a small scarf.

And if you're feeling stressed today, just remember. There was more daylight today than there was yesterday! Woo Hoo!!

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