Friday, December 30, 2005

Exciting, Action Photos

I received several comments yesterday asking various questions about my blocking wires. Shara. Marie, and Peg wanted to see the wires "in use" so I took a couple of action photos:

And here's Mimi again; completely transfixed by the excitement of the blocking in action.

[I've come to realize that it's not my amazing knitting that interests her, but the wires themselves. She positively freaked when I slid them out from sides of the scarf. And once I put them back in the bag, she couldn't stop herself from batting at them.]

I removed the scarf shortly after I took the photos and I'm completely floored at how perfect it came out. Carole, I hereby order you to go buy a set immediately. How did I ever live without them????

Ina wanted to know where I got them. I bought my set from my LYS, but I'm sure you can buy them online. I did a quick search and found them at this site.

Finally, Chris asked for more information on the "right of first refusal" gift exchange. Basically, you buy your spouse a gift that you really want and your spouse has the option to keep it or reject it. If he rejects it, ownership reverts back to you. It's just legalese for what is essentially buying a gift for yourself. I rejected the golf club he gave me and he rejected the blocking wires. Get it.

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