Friday, December 16, 2005

Felted Gift Bag Variation

My second felted gift bag is felted and dry. The Bernat Boa held up really well in the wash. However, little bits of fiber from the lighter colored wool managed to entangle themselves in the eyelashes. I picked them out as best I could after I took the photo.

Margene made a bag last weekend and posted a photo on her blog the other day. But as of this morning, I can't seem to view any of her posts from this week. How odd. Is Typepad down? She used a ribbon for the tie instead of a twisted cord. It's very cute; especially after she stuffed it with candy and knitterly goodies.

Oh, and before I forget. If you have some free time this weekend (and who doesn't have lots of spare time in the week before Christmas), Laura's having a contest on her blog. You have to guess the contents of a Christmas present she received from a friend. I have no clue so I'll probably guess something outrageous, but maybe you'll be able to identify it immediately.

And thanks for all the nice comments about my neighbor. You were all sweet to take the time to leave them.

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