Monday, December 12, 2005

Yarn Crawl

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining several other Salt Lake knitters (Eliza, Margene, Gwen, Katherine, and Teri) for lunch and yarn shopping. The odyssey began at The Wool Cabin. They were hosting a customer appreciation day and all purchases were discounted by ten percent.

I picked up some Tahki Dream yarn to make the gloves from the new Knitter's Magazine. This yarn reminds me a lot of the old, discontinued SensuWool yarn that Berocco used to make.

I also got a skein of K1C2's Paintbox yarn just to try it out. Has anyone tried the Paintbox yarn?? It's similar to Noro Kureyon, though it seems a bit more processed and not quite as scratchy.

If you hop over to Teri's blog, she has a more detailed narrative of our yarn crawl (and TJ Maxx excursion).

Felted Gift Bags

Shelley sent me a photo of the felted gift bag she made from the pattern I posted last week. If you check her blog, you can see the photo and some information about the yarn she used. In her email, she made some great suggestions for variations to the pattern, a couple of which I had already contemplated. I loved her idea for needlefelting a monogram on the side of the bag or adding beads to the bag. How clever.
I made another on Saturday but haven't felted it yet.

This one is knit from small bits of leftover tapestry wool. Each little hank only had 12.5 yards, so I tied them all together and wound them into a center-pull ball.

Because I had such a small amount of yarn, I only cast on 36 stitches (instead of 48). I carried a strand of Bernat Boa together with the wool on the cast-on round and the first purl round. I plan to felt it tonight so time will tell how the eyelash yarn holds up in the wash.

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