Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feeling the Heat

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Stephanie's Knitting Olympics.

Basically, you choose a challenging (for you) project and attempt to complete it in sixteen days, from February 10th (opening ceremonies) to February 26th (closing ceremonies). Stephanie is offering a "gold medal" button to every participant who finishes. Kewl.

Margene has countered with her "Eddie Along." She's encouraging you to enjoy the process of knitting and has only two rules. You must cast on during the opening ceremonies or pick up a neglected WIP and you must enjoy the process of knitting from February 10th to February 26th. Finishing isn't important. She also has a cute button.

After much soul searching, I’ve decided to start my own Olympic knitalong and I intend to call it the “Homer Simpson Olympic Knitalong.” Here are my rules:

  1. Don’t even think about casting on or knitting during the opening ceremonies. For that matter, why would you be knitting from February 10th to February 26th anyway. I mean, geeze, it’s the Winter Olympics---prime TV watching time. Plus, how can you knit while you're holding a beer bottle.

  2. Between February 10th and February 26th, you are forbidden from starting a new knitting project. Don’t you all have too many WIPs anyway? Why take on another project?

  3. Relish in your utter failure to complete anything by February 26th. In fact, those who do complete a project will be kicked off the island.

The motto of my knitalong is:

The Homer Simpson Olympic Knitalong–Too Lazy to Make A Button

Who’s in?


If you are linking to my Homer Simpson Olympic Knitalong with any button other than this one, which Abby was kind enough to make for me, please stop and remove the link to me. There is one button in particular which I find extremely offensive and inappropriate. My knitalong is not about ridiculing other knitters for challenging themselves.


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