Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Perfect Pie

Although it may have been hard to discern from my most recent posts, I actually have been knitting. In fact, I have so many projects on the needles that I'm not making much progress on any of them. But today's post is about the project that I've been knitting on the most. Remember that Kauni yarn that Tine sent me for Christmas? Here it is, wound it into a center-pull ball:

How gorgeous is that??

Well, since Christmas, I've been looking for the perfect shawl pattern. I wanted something simple, to show off the yarn. After sifting through nearly every pattern I own, I finally settled on the "Perfect Pie" shawl from the book, Weekend Knitting. Basicially it's a semi-circular shawl knit in 5 wedges from one side to the other using short rows. The pattern is easily memorized so the shawl has turned out to be a nice, portable project.

Here's where I am after only a few hours of knitting:

And here's Mimi standing guard over what she erroneously thinks will be a kitty bed for her:

I just love the way the yarn changes color so drastically, yet so subtly. And this yarn is like heaven to knit with. The combination of an easy pattern and the gorgeous yarn have made this project just a pure joy to knit.

The pattern uses mohair for the body of the shawl and Koigu for the edging. I haven't yet decided whether I'll use the Kauni for the edging or some Koigu from my stash. I've also been toying with the idea of making the shawl larger by knitting 6 or 7 wedges instead of the 5 called for in the pattern. I think that would result in a shape that would stay around my shoulders better. What do you think? Am I wrong on that???

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