Tuesday, January 10, 2006


You know that indescribable feeling you get when you hear the doorbell ring and then your daughter calls down to you, "Mom, there's a package for you." Well, I experienced that feeling on Saturday when a box of goodies arrived from Kadri.

Has anyone used that Regia Silk Shine yarn???? I'm not even sure you can get this in the United States. It's incredibly soft and luxurious. I'm wondering if it would be better for socks or gloves.

And did you see the Holz & Stein rosewood double-points. Aaaah, heaven.

But the best thing was this little doll that Kadri made.

Check out the earrings. Too cute! She's currently in a place of honor right above my computer.

Perfect timing, Kadri. I was beginning to suffer from yarn-withdrawl symptons as a result of my Stashlong commitment.

Dankt Million!!!

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