Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My reclaimed cashmere yarn is dry and measures out to 1,472 yards. A nice amount for a rectangular stole or a shawl. I don't plan on dyeing it since I really like the off-white color.

Yahoo was not my friend yesterday, and I did not receive any of your comments so I'll respond here.

Bonnie asked if there is good cashmere and bad cashmere. Yes. I'd say this is pretty good cashmere; the sweater was from Target's Isaac Mizrahi line. Not only is it soft, but I knit up a little swatch and gave it some abuse and it didn't pill. So the fibers seem to be mostly the same length.

Marie and Carole asked how I knew the sweater would unravel so easily. Well, it was fairly loosely knit (probably the reason why even the full, retail price was only $40.00) and I didn't wash it before I unraveled it, so the fibers hadn't felted at all. I knew I would get one, long strand of yarn because the parts of the sweater (sleeves, front, back) were knit in separate pieces and seamed, not cut and serged. You can tell this immediately by looking at the side seams.

Kim (a/k/a Chef Messy) wanted to know how I measured the yardage. I just use the niddy noddy, Kim. One time around is 60 inches.

KT and Susan want a tutorial on how to unravel a sweater. Maybe some time in the near future when I have a bit of spare time; OK. Since I just might have another cashmere sweater to unravel anyway.

I'm just sayin'.

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