Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Custom Candy

There was such a positive response to the custom-printed M&Ms I showed you last week, that I feel obliged to give equal time to the custom candy we ordered for DS's Bar Mitzvah several years ago. Believe it or not, there's a decent-size candy factory located between Salt Lake City and Provo in the small town of Alpine. The company has been expanding quickly over the last few years and I believe they recently acquired Fannie May. Even before then, they produced a huge number of candy canes and lollipops (or suckers as they call them here in Utah) which are sold in tourist areas around the country. During certain hours, the factory was open for tours and it was possible to watch employees making candy sticks, hand-poured lollipops, and hand-decorated "candy climbers." Seriously, these things are totally hand-decorated by women armed with pastry bags filled with quick-dry frosting. Click on the links to see some of the products they carry.

Anyway, I called them about DS's Bat Mitzvah and had them produce some hand-decorated lollipops:

They were an enormous hit. In fact, my friend just called me the other day and said she'd found one in her sideboard. Apparently, she had prohibited her daughter from eating it 'cause it was just too damn amazing. Well, the one I have is 3 years old and while it still looks pretty good, I'm not sure I'd eat it. Any idea how long lollipops last???

If you want to order of your own personalized Lollipals, just click here.

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