Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In Which I Reveal The Project That Must Not Be Named

Gwen was been warned via email that I’ll be discussing her secret knitting present this week so let’s hope she’s not watching.

The secret project, a/k/a The Albatross or The Project That Must Not be Named, is completed and sitting in my living room waiting to be gifted. I admit that adding the little finishing touches almost became my personal Waterloo, but I persevered. It took two tries to assemble the whole thing, but I’m pretty happy with the finished bag:

Pattern: Via Diagonale
Yarn: Cascade Sierra and Sierra Quatro
Time To Knit: Don’t ask
Injuries Sustained While Knitting: Too numerous to mention

It’s surprising it took me so long to knit this bag because I made it significantly smaller than the pattern suggested. Instead of a 192-stitch cast-on, I cast on 144 stitches. Any multiple of 12 will work. I also knit until the bag was 8.5 inches long, instead of the 9.5 inches called for in the pattern. Not only do I like the smaller size, but I think it has a little more structure and is less floppy because it’s more compact. Obviously, I didn’t follow the pattern in other respects, either. I purchased handles and I didn’t knit the applied I-cord edging at the top. I did do an edging at the top, but I’ll give the details on that tomorrow. I also utilized my own method to create a rigid base at the bottom of the bag. More details on that tomorrow, too.

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