Thursday, February 02, 2006

More On Recycling Sweaters

I have a couple more things to add about recycling sweaters but, first things first. Is anyone else having a trouble with their Yahoo email account? Periodically, I'll get a batch of messages that are, like, two days old (which is why I haven't been responding to many of your comments). Then I get nothing for hours; then another batch of oldies but goodies. What gives????

On to the recycling. Thanks to Carla and Emily for pointing me in the direction of this tutorial on recycling sweaters. I took a quick look at it, and I use pretty much the same technique with one, big exception. I don't cut the sweater with scissors at the bottom of the seam. In fact, I don't use scissors at all. I open up the seam at the mid-point and use a seam ripper to cut one or two threads. Then I attempt to unravel the thread in each direction. Almost without fail, it will easily unravel in one direction but not the other. I pull it in the direction it does unravel, then I go to the bottom of the seam, make another small cut with the seam ripper, and unravel the remainder by, again, simply pulling on the thread. I know I'm not explaining this well, but maybe you get the idea if you've tried this before.

I've set my off-white cashmere aside and turned back to a pattern I started writing a few weeks ago. It's 99% finished now; I'm just re-knitting it to try and catch any errors.

I've got a ways to go. But at least I'm using up stash yarn!

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