Sunday, February 12, 2006


Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions in the "name that scarf pattern" contest. Although I ended up choosing a name that wasn't suggested by anyone, I got a lot of inspiration from the entries. I went with the water theme and came up with the name "Mountain Stream Scarf." I chose a winner at random from everyone who left a comment or who sent me an email and that winner is . . . Erin. She suggested "Ocean Jewels" and "Diamonds and Swirls." Both great ideas.
Got enough snow there in Massachusetts, Erin???

The downloadable pattern is now available from Mary Moran at The Knitting Zone. Just click on the photo below to order it.

Mary recently set up a forum at The Knitting Zone and she indicated that she can set up a knitlong for the scarf on the forum if anyone is interested. Email me if you think you'd participate in something like that and I'll let her know.

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