Monday, March 27, 2006

Adventures in Dyeing

My recent acquisitions of handpainted sock yarns inspired me to try a little more fiber dyeing the past two weekends. Today's skein began as a 100g ball of Patons Wool Classic in the color Winter White. I wound it into a center-pull ball on my ball winder and soaked it for about an hour in some tepid water. When it was thoroughly wet, I placed it in a crock pot and filled the crock pot with some black Rit dye until the liquid level was slightly less than half-way up the side of the center-pull ball. Then I turned the crock pot on and left it for an hour or so. After the wool cooled down, I rinsed out the remaining dye and wound the skein on the niddy noddy.

Because the dye only penetrated part of the ball, I ended up with short bands of black and bits of grey and blue/grey where the dye bled into the white yarn but didn't saturate it. I sent Beth a photo of the skein and she had the truly brilliant idea of using the same process with a non-white skein. Would orange yarn and black dye give you tiger stripe yarn? I don't know but it would be a fun experiment. I also think it would be interesting to turn the ball upside down and fill the crock pot with a second color once the first color is set.

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