Thursday, March 23, 2006

Alert the Media

Here’s something you don’t see often on this blog

Not just a mitten, but a mitten knit in a stranded pattern.

I rarely knit stranded patterns because, unlike some knitters, I pretty much suck at it. To prove my point you need only look at the glaring error about an inch above the thumb. Not only do I have no intention of fixing it, I'll probably purposely repeat it on the second mitten.

But I was in my LYS on Wednesday and noticed they had some Lite Lopi in the kids’ school colors. Since I’ve already failed miserably at the Stashalong, I bought a couple of balls. When I got home, I thumbed through my copy of "Folk Mittens" and found a nice, easy pattern written specifically for this yarn. So I cast on and immediately ran into a problem with the braid at the cast-on edge.

The written instructions for Round 1 direct you to alternate between black and white, beginning with black and bringing the next color to be used over the color you just used. But the chart legend says to bring the next color under. On Round 2, the written instructions again say to begin with black and bring the next color over, but the chart (and the legend) indicates you should begin with white and bring the next color under the last color.

The pattern can’t possibly be correct since the written instructions clearly conflict with the chart. I checked for errata for this pattern but couldn’t find anything on the Interweave site. I didn't have the inclination to fool with these so I just ditched the instructions completely and just worked a Kihnu vits braid which is described on pages 51-52 of Folk Knitting in Estonia.

Has anyone made these mittens?? Am I nuts or is there an error in the instructions?

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