Friday, March 17, 2006

Don't Be Impressed

Wow, thanks for all the kind words about my Fína Hyrnan shawl. Just for the record, I’d like to clarify that this shawl was an extremely easy knit. Really. Look back at the photo from yesterday and you’ll see that the main body of the shawl is just a simple, basic lace pattern. Once I set the lace pattern up on the second row, the rest of the body was a piece of cake. I was able to work on this at lunch while discussing the intricate details of 28 U.S.C. § 2255 with no problems whatsoever. Even better, because it was knit from the bottom up, there were fewer stitches each row instead of more! Sometimes that’s just the added incentive you need to continue knitting. And since it only took 450 yards of yarn, it’s really not that impressive that I finished it in less than a week.

Anne was right when she said it’s the border that really makes the shawl so spectacular. And once that was set up, it also wasn’t difficult to knit. In fact, it really wasn’t necessary to even look at the chart after the first few stitches of each row. I think being able to combine two easy lace patterns into an impressive-looking shawl is the hallmark of a fabulous design.

Oh, and here’s a tip if anyone decides to knit the shawl. Cast on one more stitch than the pattern calls for and then work a p2tog at the center of the shawl on the first row. That way you can pick up the required number of stitches for the border right from the provisional stitches without having to increase. If you have the pattern you’ll see what I mean.

Beth wants to know what I’ll do with my 430-yard skein of leftover yarn. Good question; I'm open to suggestions since I hate to waste yarn. I’ve actually contemplated knitting another Fína Hyrnan shawl but using a 2-stitch border instead of a 3-stitch border. But I’m chicken; I think I may run out of yarn. If I had done that with this shawl, I’m fairly certain I could have knit the whole thing from just one ball, but I no longer have a full second ball. I guess I could also re-knit the pattern using a 3.5mm needle instead of a 4mm needle. But the lace might be too dense for my taste. I’ll have to think on this.

I loved Teresa’s comment, "Awesome. And cheap." How true. Which leads to my observation that the yarn I used, Knit Picks Shadow, is a very nice lace-weight merino. And, yes, it is very very cheap. Donna was surprised that the heathered color of the yarn didn’t compete with the pattern. In fact, the heathery effect of this yarn is very subtle. Even less so than some Shetland I’ve used for shawls.

True Confessions

Dear Kim,

Sorry, but I’ve violated the rules of the Stashalong. That is, unless buying 5 hanks of sock yarn is now permitted.

I’m out.


More details on this Monday, since some of the yarn I bought deserves at least one post all to itself.

Since I don’t have any photos today that tie into my post, I’ll leave you with a photo of Margene and Kim from last Tuesday’s Stitch ‘N Bitch. Kim was in town for spring break and it was great to see her again.

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