Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In Which I Describe How I Made the Base of the Bag

The designer of the Via Diagonale bag has given great instructions on how to finish the bag once the knitting is complete. Those instructions include placing a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bag to create a rigid base. I decided to use a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas instead of cardboard.

After I sewed the bottom gussets, I measured the base and cut two pieces of plastic canvas according to those measurements. Then I rounded the corners ever so slightly and whip-stitched the two pieces together. I used two pieces so the base would be stronger and I whip-stitched so the edges wouldn't poke through the bag or create a rough edge.

But, the beauty of the plastic canvas became evident when it was time to attach the base to the bottom of the bag. I simply threaded some yarn on a tapestry needle and tacked it to the four corners by running the yarn down through one hole in the plastic canvas to the bottom of the bag and then up through a second hole in the plastic. Then I tied the ends of the yarn. Et voilá:

Tomorrow I'll explain how I worked the top edge.

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