Monday, March 06, 2006

It's In the Bag

I'm a little sidetracked these days, but here's the post I promised last week on how I knit the top of Gwen's Via Diagonale purse.

I originally intended to use the I-cord edging called for in the pattern, but after a few inches decided it was flaring just a bit more than I liked. I then tried working a crab stitch edge and that flared, too. Since I had the crochet hook out anyway, I fooled around with a couple of other edgings and finally settled on a simple slip, stitch edge that I applied sideways:

After I completed the slip stitches, I threaded the yarn tail through a tapestry needle and drew it through each stitch (one-by-one) on the reverse side of the edging. Then, I pulled the yarn so it was taut, but not enough so the edge puckered. This made a nice, rigid top edge that didn't flare and won't stretch out of shape.

And speaking of the bag swap, I received my bag from Eliza yesterday. DD is already jockeying for it.

It's just gorgeous. Look at the detail of the beading (click on the photo to make it larger):

And the lining is a million, billion times better than anything I've ever sewed:

Thanks again, Eliza. I'm using it today and already someone has complimented me on it!

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