Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Downfall

So what's the real reason I failed at the Stashalong? I can answer that with one word . . . Marie

Marie at Brooklyn Handspun added some amazing superwash sock yarns to her web site a week or two ago and I fell hard. She had colors I loved and I absolutely had to strike while the iron was hot since her yarns sell out so quickly. It was a battle of the fastest fingers, but I was the first to claim the only skein of Hawaii Joy and one of the skeins of Secret.

Seriously, look at this yarn and you'll realize why it was futile to resist.

Click to enlarge the photo but make sure you've locked away your credit card first.

Here's the best part, though. I emailed Marie about a sock pattern of mine that will be in the September issue of MagKnits and she dyed a colorway just for that sock. Seriously, a colorway just for me.

Isn't it fantastic!

I love you, Marie. You evil, evil, yarn pusher.

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