Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stick A Fork In It

My latest shawl, blocking:

And being modeled at Stitch 'N Bitch (yeah, I said it; so sue me) by everyone's favorite redhead - the fantabulous Teri:

(Except for the fact that my ass is waaaayyyyy bigger, Teri looks a little like me from the back. Don't ya think.)

Pattern: Fína Hyrnan
Pattern Source: Three-Cornered and Long Shawls (Þríhyrnur og Langsjöl) by Sigrídur Halldórsdóttir
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in the color "Lost Lake"
Time to Knit: less than a week

I loved this pattern. It's knit from the bottom up using a provisional cast-on. Once the body of the shawl is completed, you pick up the live stitches from the cast-on and knit the leaf border.

It took approximately 450 yards of yarn to complete this shawl. Each ball of Shadow has 440 yards.

You do the math.

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