Friday, April 28, 2006


Carole is coming out to meet up with the Utah Stitch ‘N Bitch Grrls in June and so she wrote and asked if I’d name a colorway named after her, too. Happy to oblige, Carole. Instead of preparing my house for the overnight guests who will be arriving shortly, I dyed up a skein of sock yarn in the new Carole colorway:

Because I’m at the point where I'm bursting at the seams with hand-dyed yarn, I’m going to sell this skein (and maybe some others, too). It’s all yours if you’re the first person with $18.00 to spare. Just email me if you’d like it.

This yarn will stripe when you knit socks with it, moving from dark to lighter and back again. Here’s what it looked like before I skeined it up:

It's a lot more work to dye it this way, but you’ll be able to produce two idential socks. So it would be nice for Jaywalkers, Broadripples, or Feather and Fan socks.

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