Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mama’s Got New Socks

Are you sick of seeing my sock FOs yet?
Here’s a pair I finished at the Sunday edition of Stitch ‘n Bitch:

I can’t take credit for the most fabulous part of these socks–the cuff. Those were knit by Kadri in Germany. A month or so ago, I received a care package from Kadri and the package included a half-knit pair of socks with a beautiful cable cuff knit from Regia Silk (merino+silk=yum!) yarn.

She’d started the socks and after she’d knit the leg, discovered they were too small. Understandably, she couldn't bring herself to frog them. So sad for Kadri, but oh so fortuitous for me! I knit both at the same time (which is what Kadri did, too) so they’re finished and ready to be worn tomorrow.

Aaah . . . happy feet.

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