Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More On Dyeing

I’ve decided to put you to sleep this evening with stories and photos of my recent foray into yarn dyeing. Here's today's tale.

Not content to stick with the crock pot, last weekend I moved on to dyeing with Mason jars. Thanks to a tip from Eliza, I bought six, wide-mouthed jars at a local thrift store. They were regularly 19 cents each, but because they all bore the "color of the week" tag, I got them for half price. Yes, no kidding; a whopping total of 58 cents (including tax) for all six.

I bought some Wilton cake dye at Michaels and dissolved three different colors in some extremely hot water. I used a different wooden chopstick to stir up each color and added some white vinegar to each jar. Then I soaked the undyed yarn in some warm water with a bit of vinegar. Once the yarn was soaked through, I put about 1/3 of the skein in each jar.

I heated it on the stove in a pot of water for about an hour. Then I turned off the heat and let the water and yarn cool down before rinsing out the excess dye.

The violet broke up a bit (yuck, pink):

the teal turned out more green than teal, and the brown is more gold than brown, but I’m pretty happy with the end product.

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