Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Skein #2

Here's the next skein in my dyeing series. This one began as two, 50g skeins of retina-searing, florescent yellow Regia sock yarn.

You may have to shield your eyes:

See, I warned you.

Recognizing that I had no use for such a color, I plowed ahead and over-dyed it in the newly acquired stock pot. I have no photos of the actual dyeing process, but here are the finished skeins:

Yarn: Regia sock-weight (wool/nylon)
Dye: Gaywool (lucerne, olive, and cedar) (The olive really toned down the original yellow color.)
Method: Rainbow dyeing

Continuing in the tradition of naming the colorways for famous Utah knit-bloggers, I’ve decided to call this colorway "Teri."
Because it may be sedate on the outside, but if you scratch below the surface you'll find something bright and surprising.

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