Sunday, April 23, 2006

Yarns of Many Colors

Family obligations have conspired (in a good way) to prevent me from spending much time working on my blog this week. But, rest assured, I am working diligently on my sweater and now have both the back and the two fronts completed. I knit both of the fronts at the same time and will do the same for the sleeves. I also altered the pattern significantly for the fronts and like my version better; if I do say so myself.

In lieu of knitting content, this week I'll be posting photos of yarns I've dyed recently with various dyes and various methods. Part of the recent dyeing frenzy at my house was precipitated by the purchase of this fabulous 12-quart stock pot at the DI for $2.00

The perfect dye pot.

Here it is holding its maiden skein of yarn:

And here's the finished skein.

yarn: Patons Classic Wool in winter white
dyes: Gaywool (cyclamen, mulberry, and bluegum)

I think I'll call this colorway "Margene" since she is drawn to yarns with these colors.
Am I right, Margene.

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