Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Slightly more than two years ago, I set up a Yahoo group called The Six Sox Knitalong. The original premise was a year-long knitalong in which members knit six different sock patterns together as a group over the course of the year, beginning June 1st. The patterns were written by group members and not available elsewhere until the end of the two-month knitting period.

There was a raffle for those members who knit each individual pattern and posted both a progress photo and a finished photo. There was also a final raffle with lots of wonderful prizes for those members (and there were quite a few) who knit all six socks and posted the requisite photos. The raffles proved to be excellent motivators and most members who knit the socks uploaded the photos. It was amazing to see each knitter's interpretation of the pattern and the differences in the finished socks based solely on the yarns chosen.

After the first year, members indicated they'd like to continue the group so I managed to coax 6 more patterns from 6 more designers and the second year was underway. Because the designers were not compensated in any way, their contributions represented an amazing gift to the knitting community. And, we continued the individual raffles because generous members donated either money or yarn for prizes.

I remember being shocked when membership in the group totaled 250 after the first few weeks. As of yesterday, it was approaching 3,000. The group would have ended a long time ago if I hadn't had the technical and, at times moral, support of Beth and Jane. Thanks, grrls!

Why am I telling you this? Because tonight I am bowing out of the day-to-day micromanagement of the Six Sox Knitalong and turning the reins over to someone else. Managing a list of 3,000 members has become too time-consuming and hasn't left me with much time to knit after factoring in the full-time job, the two kids and, of course, the blog. And although it has become a burden that I just can't bear any longer, I would liken giving it up to watching your child go off to school on the first day. You know, not quite trusting someone else to take care of your baby the way you took care of her.

I'm easing out without any fanfare, but something happened on the list yesterday that I wanted to share. Since April 1st, the members of the group have been knitting a sock pattern I designed. In conjunction with the adult version of the pattern, I also designed a child-size sock and established a second raffle for members who knit the child-size socks and donated them to Children In Common, one of my favorite charities. Yesterday a member of the list, Sue, posted a photo of 30 pairs of toddler socks she knit for CIC from my child-size pattern.
Yes, that's not a misprint, 30 PAIRS.

Don't believe me:

After much angst over my decision to let my creation go, I now I feel like I'm ending on a high note.

Thanks, Sue.

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