Sunday, May 14, 2006

Growing Slowly

In between stints at addressing 150 Bat Mitzvah invitations and attending a lovely Mother's Day brunch at my favorite restaurant, I managed to complete several repeats of the center panel of my Langsjal Jóhönnu.

It was slow going at first. I was having a difficult time reprogramming my brain to read the chart from both the right-to-left on the right side rows and left-to-right on the wrong side rows. But I'm in the groove now and it's moving fairly quickly.

Interestingly, I have used nearly an entire, 50g ball of the Icelandic yarn and the stole measures about 17 inches long, measured from the tip of the border points. I'm shooting for a finished length of approximately 68 inches so I'm about a quarter of the way finished. By my estimate, I'll need 4 skeins of yarn or about 1,000 yards. That's double the yardage called for in the pattern. Of course, I'm knitting mine at a much larger gauge and I'm fairly certain my yarn is heavier than the yarn used for the original, sample stole. The pattern indicates that stole was made from "handspun wool."

But, then again, I've made several of the shawls in the Three Cornered and Long Shawls book and each has taken more yarn than suggested.
So tuck that thought away.

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