Thursday, May 18, 2006


The first challenge in The Amazing Lace is to introduce the members of our team.

So, without further ado, here are my teammates for The Amazing Lace:


The yarn is a single-ply Icelandic laceweight from Schoolhouse Press. I consider the yarn to be the strong point of my team. Mostly because it's . . . er . . . strong. Seriously. This yarn is like 100% hemp or twine.

To compensate for the sticky, scratchy yarn, I asked a pair of my vintage metal circular needles to join the team. They were up for the challenge.

Next, there are the two indispensable members of my team; the magnet board and stand.


I know in my heart this challenge cannot be won without the stand. Seriously, spending 400+ rows knitting lace (there are no resting rows in my pattern) with my head bend down over a chart was not an appealing scenario.

Do you have a magnet board? Buy a stand. Now.

Finally, there's the indulgent member of my team. My highlighter tape.


This tape was kindly sent to me by blogless Kate in Massachusetts and I adore it. It's particularly helpful if you're like me and carry your lace knitting to work or your child's softball games. The added security of knowing you won't lose your place on the chart even if your magnets reposition themselves on the trip is priceless.

So far, there have been no grumblings among the teammates and I've not had to referee any disputes. In fact, see what a little teamwork will accomplish in less than a week:


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