Thursday, May 04, 2006

Random Thursday

You knew it was only a matter of time:

The lighting is pretty horrible in that second photo. The colors are medium pink and dark orange, although the orange is not as brown/rust as it appears in the photo.

I dyed this roving using the oven method described by Amy.

It’s cooling right now and then I have to rinse it, spin out the extra water, and let it dry. As much as I’d love to poke and prod at it to see what it looks like underneath, I’m going to be strong and leave it until it’s fully cool (yeah, right).

And for those of you interested, I worked up the crown of the star hat from yesterday's post and my intuition was correct; well, to a point. The pattern works out, but you end up with 84 stitches when you're done increasing, not 77. Which means, of course, that I chose the wrong yarn and needles for a baby size hat. The hat I have on the needles now, is much too large at 84 stitches. But I did use this first attempt to work out a great way to knit the sides. I’ll try and write up the full pattern this weekend and post it on Monday.

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