Monday, June 19, 2006

Deal of the Century

The fiber excursion to Ogden began exactly as planned. The group met up at my house and we piled into Katherine’s minivan for the 40-minute ride. We arrived at Knit Craft Studio just shy of 11:00 and were greeted by this:

Closer inspection revealed that the shop didn’t open 'til 11:00.
Phew, dodged that bullet.
Since there appeared to be no sign of life, we walked a couple of blocks to the Ben Lomond Hotel to use their “facilities.” We returned shortly after 11:00 to discover conflicting "Closed" and "Open" signs but still no signs of life.

Hello . . . anyone home:

Not to be deterred by ambiguous signage, we took the opportunity for a group shot in front of the shop. From left to right you've got Teri, Katherine, Camille, Eliza, and Kaitlyn.

After the photo op, we left a bitchy polite note on the door asking to please be called on our cell phone when the shop opened.

Undaunted, we moved on to Stop #2 - The Needlepoint Joint. And what to our wondering eye did appear? How about a sign informing us that the $1.00 skeins of clearance yarn could be found at the back of the store. Come again; did you say $1.00 yarn?? We approached the back of the store cautiously, expecting to be confronted with mounds of acrylic. Oh contraire. I scored some Noro and some Lang 100% linen yarn for the obscene total of $7.00.
Picture 011
Picture 010

The employees, sensing an opportunity to unload all their sale yarn in one, 30-minute feeding frenzy, then brought out the big guns. Crates of assorted Adrienne Vittadini yarns at the equally ridiculous price of $2.00 a skein. Teri has a nice photo of the bounty on her blog.

I restrained myself but picked up 10 skeins of Marissa for a sweater.

And lest you think I only bought sale yarns, I also got Sheila McGregor’s wonderful book on Scandanavian knitting, a huge hank of laceweight merino (that didn't want to be photographed) in a pretty blush color, and three Shetland shawl patterns.

Two of the patterns are ones I’ve been coveting since I saw Polly’s post about Gladys Amedro's Shetland lace book. Who knew they could be found just 60 miles from home!

After The Needlepoint Joint, we had a lovely lunch at Roosters. While dining, we received the long-awaited call that Knit Craft Studio was, indeed, open for business. I neglected to take any photos of the interior of the building but Eliza and Teri both captured the essence of the place perfectly so check out their posts.

The final haul:

Picture 005

Katherine photographing the final haul (that's a deep trunk, ladies):

Picture 006

No blog post can do the day justice; especially the somewhat raucous lunch.
Thanks for a great time, grrls!!

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