Friday, June 16, 2006

Estes Widows

UnForseen circumstances intervened to foil my plan to attend the Estes Park Wool Market this weekend. But others were able to travel from the far corners of the country to attend. Recognize anyone?

That's Birdsong on the left and Carole on the right. And you all know Margene and Mr. Margene in the center. We had a wonderful dinner last night at my favorite local restaurant. I have to say, maybe personalities really do bleed through correctly on blogs because both Carole and Birdsong were exactly as I imagined they'd be. We had a bit of fun at Carole's expense, mocking her Boston accent. She was a good sport about it and, hey, I've been mocked for the same accent many times in my life.
Have a great time at Estes, grrls.

The other Estes Widows and I have planned a shorter, one-day excursion to Ogden on Saturday. Unless the farmer's market looks promising, we're heading straight to Knit Craft Studio (a/k/a Haunted House of Knitting Horrors), then Roosters for lunch (yum), and capping everything off with a visit to The Needlepoint Joint. If anyone in Odgen wants to meet up at any time Saturday, send me an email. You'll know who we are because we'll be wearing these uber-fantabulous t-shirts:

Amazing, huh! They are the creation of the oft-imitated-but-never-duplicated Katherine Of It All. Can you tell that I love Katherine to death. I so want to be her when I grow up. Anyway, I can't begin to describe how amazing this shirt is. But, trust me, it's waaaaaaay amazing. Click on the link to Katherine's blog (I command you to click on the link) and see how she created the shirts, starting with a hand-carved linoleum block. You'll have to scroll back to the June 10th post to see the beginning of the process.

Every knitter needs one of these shirts so beg and plead with Katherine to make more.

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