Thursday, June 29, 2006

Get It While You Can

I stopped off at Spinderella's on my way home from work and picked up my order of thrums. She's nearly out of both colorways I ordered so act fast before it's gone.

Mountain Spruces:

Picture 127

Picture 126

Soothing Gardens:

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Worthy Cause

Michaela is organizing a fund-raising effort for Emma's son, Oliver. Details are on Kerrie's blog and I've shamelessly lifted them verbatim here:

The lovely Michaela who makes so many wonderful wacky things for Hipknits came up with a great fundraising idea to raise some extra funds for Emma and Oliver's Fund.

Her idea is to get as many knitters as possible to donate a skein (or more) of yarn from their stash that we can put together and auction as a whole stash on ebay. The only stipulation is that the yarn must be new with ball band. I offered to collect the yarns for her so that she didn't have to give out her address to the whole internet. The first deadline for sending in donations is the end of July but if this is popular I'm sure that she may well do it again. Please send anything that you'd like to donate to the following address :

Oliver's Fund
c/o HipKnits
G25 Allen House
Station Road
CM21 9JX

Michaela will be gathering all the donations together and sorting them out into mini stashes to auction. She is going to keep the auctions small enough (just under 2 kilos) so that they can be posted internationally. I know that Michaela has been contacting some of the big yarn companies about donating yarn so there will be lots and lots of goodies to bid on - how exciting!

Knitters are such generous people, I'm sure that you'll all be able to dig into your stash and find at least 1 ball of yarn that deserves a new home. Thanks so much in advance!

I'll be sending a couple of skeins from my stash to Kerrie for the auction.
Perhaps you have something that you can part with for a good cause.

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