Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wait, Is That Really An FO?

Here's something you haven't seen for a while on this blog . . . an FO.

Remember that uber-cheap 100% linen yarn I got during the Ogden yarn crawl:

Picture 122

Well, I put this to good use on it:

Picture 121

And came up with this:

Picture 123

Yes, it's crocheted and, yes, it's fabulous. I used to own a bunch of these bags that I brought with me to the grocery store but one-by-one I misplaced them. When I discovered the $1.00-a-ball linen yarn, I got my heart set on making a replacement. I decided to search for a crochet pattern since I knew it would be a hell of a lot faster to crochet it than to knit it. Thanks to Crochet Pattern Central, I found the perfect pattern here.

I made the smaller version and it's not quite as large as the one described in the pattern, but it's plenty big. Here's what the bag looked like with the contents next to it:

Picture 124

Kinda unbelievable that it could stretch enough to accommodate all that yarn, but it does and without any problem.

Thanks, Natalie, for a great pattern.

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