Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Weekend

As usual, I’m late to the keyboard and Margene has already fully documented some of the frivolity of this past weekend. But here’s my spin on the activities.


On Saturday, Margene and I drove to the hinterlands Teri’s house for a wool-dyeing extravaganza. I brought my camera but neglected to take a single photo so you’ll have to visit the blogs of my sister witches cohorts to see "the process."

Using nothing more than Kool Aid, wool, and our unmanicured hands, we managed to dye eight skeins of yarn in about 6 hours. Well, that includes a break for lunch. Teri instructed us in the proper method to obtain the perfect skein of her signature "Blood Orange" colorway. And Margene kept us entertained with her potty mouth.

The end result was eight skeins of luscious yarn, five of which you can see in this photo Margene took.


I actually have some of my own photos from Monday’s adventure which, for me, was really an adventure since I have . . . er . . . a bit of an aversion to . . . nature.

I think you can figure out the activity from this little photo essay.

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