Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quick Gift

What do you get when you mix a 50g skein of Mandarin Petite with a set of 2.75mm bamboo double-points?

A soap sock, of course.

Picture 165

I needed a quick gift for a Friday dinner party so I combed the stash for a project that could be made in a night. The Mandarin Petite was very nice to work with and since the cast-on was only 39 stitches I finished the project in due course. Yay, an FO, albeit a small one that almost can't even be called a project. But, hey, it came out cute.

Picture 164

The pattern was in a booklet self-published by a local knitter. I got my copy at The Wool Cabin but I'm not sure they carry it any more. Oh, but wait, you can buy it from Nancy Bush by clicking here.

Even better than the quickness of the knit is the fact that the soap gracing the inside of the sock was made by moi! Well, kinda. I wore Katherine down a few weeks ago with my begging and she kindly took an evening to teach me how to make soap. How fun and dangerous both at the same time; the lye part was thrilling but riddled with potential disaster. Anyway, I can't claim that I actually made the soap since Katherine did most of the making, but I did a lot of the stirring. And I chose the scent combination, which was a mixture of orange and cedar. Nice.

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