Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Prepositions

In the sky

Picture 016

On the feet

Picture 021

From the luggage

Picture 020

My vacation was fun, but exhausting. I guess after 20 years of living in the West, I'm no longer able to tolerate high levels of oppressive heat and humidity. Although I met up with two friends who guffawed when I voiced my weather complaints; they both said the weather had mellowed from prior weeks. Yikes. Anyway, between the heat and the walking and spending 10 days in the close company of two warring teenagers, I feel like I've aged a year.
Hey, wait, I did age a year! Thanks to everyone who left me happy birthday wishes.

I hope to spend some time this weekend getting my new pattern ready for sale and marshaling the energy to finish up some UFOs. Oh, and I've got a contest planned for Monday so check back if you want to win some delicious hand-made soap.

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