Monday, August 07, 2006


The two sock patterns I recently completed for Knit Picks have just been added to their online catalogue. Unfortunately, the photos on their site need to be revamped, so here are a couple I took before I shipped the socks off.

The first sock, the pattern for which can be found here, has a braided "ribble" (i.e., reversible cable) on the leg and 1x1 ribbing down the foot. The toe is a round toe.

Picture 004

I can highly recommend the yarn they sent me to complete this sock; it was soft and knit up nicely. There was very good definition on the cables.

The second sock pattern can be found here.

Picture 001

Picture 003

This one has a large lace cuff, lines of lace down the leg, and a plain foot.

I can't say enough good things about the yarn I used for this sock which Knit Picks is calling "Gloss." It compares favorably to Regia Silk and the finished socks felt like heaven; I almost shed a tear when I was forced to mail them away. I'm thinking the yarn would make a great shawl, albeit slightly heavier than laceweight, since the fabric would drape beautifully.

There you have it; how I spent my summer vacation. Well, actually, there's one more sock to come. Check MagKnits on September 1st (she says crossing fingers).

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