Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Picture Perfect Weekend

Saturday and Sunday I attended the first annual Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair and I'm happy to deem it a total success. I sincerely hope it becomes an annual event. Birdsong even flew in from California to attend. This post is photo-intensive. And if you want more photos, head over to Margene's blog.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I headed off to Wheeler Farm for a dyeing class with Kate. Kate taught us her secrets to dyeing roving in stockpots. Here's Kate and Margene taking a breather; it was hot:

Picture 196

And here's my finished roving alongside Margene's. Would you be surprised if I told you the pile on the right is not mine?

Picture 205

Sunday's class was an advanced spindle spinning class taught by Elizabeth Daily, the owner of Greensleeves Spindles. What a fascinating class. Elizabeth gave us each a bag of assorted fibers and then let us try as many of the Greensleeves spindles as we wanted. It was interesting to see how different fibers behaved differently with the assorted spindles.

Birdsong and Margene like the class, too:

Picture 200

And while we were dyeing and spinning, Laurie was selling soap alongside Katherine who was selling her fabulous "Make One" t-shirts.

Here's blogless Val buying some soap from Laurie:

Picture 199

And here's Birdsong learning to spin on a Great Wheel.

Picture 203

I bought very little fiber:

Picture 204

Some trums from Spinderella, some yummy hand-dyed wool from THE Judy Jackson, and some hand-dyed superwash merino from The Sheep Shed Studio. The large, 18-ounce pile of green roving is the prize I won in the finished item competition.

But I did score some excellent back issues of Knitters for the ungodly sum of 50 cents each.

Picture 206


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